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On the authors

Viacheslav Mikhaylenko was born in St.-Petersburg in 1941,
graduated from the Mukhina High Industrial Art School in 1970.
He is a member of the Art Union of Russia since 1981.
Since 1985 he has been entirely engaged in icon-painting
according to the Orthodox Canon and by blessing
of the Ecumenical Patriarch Dimitrios
and Archbishops of the Russian Orthodox Church.
He worked for the Koimesis Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra (Ukrain),
The St.John Nunnery (St.-Petersburg),the St.Trinity Lintula Convent (Finland),
Churches of St.-Petersburg, Finland, Sweden.
Since 2000 he has been painting icons and teaching icon-painting
in the Transfiguration on Valamo Monastery (Finland).
He takes a participation in exhibitions in Russia and Europe.

Tatyana Mikhaylenko was born in St.-Petersburg in 1972.
She was educated in the Orthodox family and was her farther's student from a child.
In 1990-1992 she studied at the icon-painting class in the Ecclesiastic Academy.
Ju.Bolshakova and A.Stal'nov were her teachers.
Subsequently she worked and studied under the guidance of her farther.
Since 2003 she is a member of the Art Union of Russia.
She painted icons for churches and private customers.
Tatyana has the experience of tuition icon-painting in the Transfiguration New Valamo Monastery(Finland).